It can be easy to be green

What is green to you?

Building a green home isn’t just one thing.  “Going green” isn’t ordered from an online supplier in California, shipped in a beautiful box and opened in a home undergoing renovation/construction.

There are several categories of green and it comes down to choice, budget and value when you are thinking of an addition or renovation.

Generally, there are three categories – Health, Sustainability and Energy.

In order to make your project green, there are some personal questions that need to be asked. What category are you?

Is it Health?

Are you concerned with the materials built into your home? Are you concerned with the air quality inside your home? Are there environmental sensitivities or allergies in the family?

If so, then your focus is going to be on a design/home that focuses on health – materials that minimize off-gassing, natural and water based finishes, carpets made of cotton or wool, beds and bedding made of natural elements. The solution may involve more interior greenery and improved air systems with HEPA filters.

Is it Sustainability?

Are you concerned in the footprint your family leaves future generations? Do you want to make sure that materials come from local areas – not products that are shipped from far away? Do you believe in resource conservation – be it water, energy or recycling?

If so, your focus will be using recycled materials, like old barn board or natural products from local suppliers. Using local products supports our economy and invokes discussion with your neighbours. Shipping from Ottawa helps with carbon emissions as well.

Is it Energy?

Would you like a solar array to reduce the electricity requirements for your home and use less from the grid? Do you want to save money on hot water? Do you want a more energy efficient home than those in your neighbourhood?

If this is your focus, there are options such as integrated energy management systems, passive hot water heaters, improved windows and doors, more insulation with new siding, lighting advancements and advanced HVAC systems.

We are here to help you find the balance of one or more of the above options in a way that is efficient, beautiful and affordable.