Insurance Claims

Kola Home Solutions can help insurance companies with claims. Our expertise in dealing with you will allow you to offer timely quality repairs after claims are started. Timely reporting, quotes and one contact will allow you to close the file quickly.

Condominium Corporations

We work with local Condominium Boards to plan, execute and exact timely repairs, replacements and restoration. Individual billing is available, and our reporting is detailed to each unit for charge backs. Scheduling is flexible to your needs and helps keep everyone satisfied.

Service Brochure

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Property Managers

Working with contractors is sometimes a scheduling nightmare. We can help by offering multiple services, time coordination and planning for you. With itemized invoicing, you can easily track your costs. Let us make your job easier!

Restoration Companies

We can help with areas after the initial damage has occurred. With in house design and build, larger restoration jobs are completed quickly and expertly, thus allowing the client to resume a normal life. If you need a hand, we can help.