Roof Replacement – When’s the Best Time?

The absolute best time to re roof a house is in the spring or early summer. It’s considered the best time because it gets done before the gardens have fully bloomed and the new install can use the heat of summer to activate the seal of tar on the back of the shingles. It’s important to get a good seal. A proper seal prevents tear-offs due to high winds which usually occur in fall and winter months.

You can still do a roof in the fall, but make sure it’s early enough in the season that you still have a few hot days to seal those shingles. If not, it’s possible that a service call may be needed to repair damage. Kola can incorporate other measures that can ensure it will not happen, but these drive up labour costs for most roofs.

Ultimately, the best time to replace your roof is when you have planned ahead. You have time to budget and properly evaluate your needs and discuss the project with a few companies to expand your knowledge and see what is being promoted in your market. You realize savings in time to install, piece of mind in scheduling and more importantly, no unwanted complications.

If you start the quoting process mid to late summer, pricing may increase. Summer is the busiest time of the year for most roofing companies and roofing supplier may increase prices in the summer because of supply and demand. When this occurs you’ll pay more as roofing companies pass on the costs to you, the consumer.

Hiring the right company makes all the difference. Call Kola Home Solutions, we will be happy to inform you and price out your project. If you book in the spring, we can guarantee material costs for your install. We are fully insured and we love what we do.