Metal Roofing Lasts!

Metal roofing

Today most home owners are looking to save maintenance costs of their property.

One common trend we are seeing is looking for long term products that will last and reduce expenses.

Roofing is an important aspect or feature of a home.  It will determine taste, beauty, longevity and security of the house.

Consider investing in a metal roofing system.

Today the most common type of metal roofing is steel, which may be purchased with a variety of finishes.  It can come in an unpainted, galvanized finish or various painted finishes. It is the most popular because of the cost and durability.

Metal roof systems are considered to be one of the highest quality due to the longevity, durability and lack of maintenance required. Once a metal roof product is applied to a pitched roof, it will last for many years with minimal problems.

The cost of a properly installed metal roof is not beyond the reach of many homeowners, but is significantly higher than regular asphalt shingles.  If life expectancy is taken into consideration, the cost is not really higher than other types of roofing, but the initial expenditure of funds can stop people from seeing the long term benefits.  While a metal roof can cost twice as much in the first year, it can ultimately cost roughly a third of asphalt shingle roofs during the course of 60 years.

Most consumers will choose their roof material based on how long they want it to last. If consumers are in a home they don’t plan on living in long term, they might be more apt to choose a shingle roof; if they plan on staying in the home for decades or keeping the home in the family, they might be more apt to choose metal.

The major benefits of metal roofing are the long life and problem-free use, but this only applies if the roofing is properly installed.

Call a good, qualified and reputable company like Kola Home Solutions to install the metal roofing system of your preference.  Unlike asphalt shingles, which can be installed by amateurs and still remain functional, metal roofs must be done right.

Another benefit of metal roofing is that it may be ideal for problematic roof systems, like 1 1/2-storey story homes, that have inherent ventilation issues. These styles of roofs may be prone to premature deterioration of asphalt shingles, particularly at the valleys and eaves. Metal roofing will not wear unevenly at these areas, as long as the pitch of the roof is sufficient and the materials are properly installed.

Overall, metal roofing may be an excellent choice for your roofing replacement if you have the vision to plan for a long future saving maintenance costs of your home.  While it may cost more initially, the long-term durability and performance may outweigh the additional expense and less problematic for your loved home and family.