Waiting for Leaks?

Living “Under” Borrowed Time? – Why putting off roof replacement for another year can lead to a bit of a mess.

If you’ve been putting off a roof replacement, you might be living on (or rather, under) borrowed time. Worn or damaged areas – and the accumulation of shingle granules in your eaves – are generally the first ways your roof tells you that it’s time for a replacement. Homeowners who put this job off for too long are fighting an unwinnable battle against Ottawa’s elements.

When shingles become worn, moisture can easily begin to leech through onto your roof’s plywood sheathing. Eventually you will notice that the sharp lines on your roof begin to sag and deform. Ultimately, this can mean your entire roof will need to be re-clad – which can be a very expensive procedure. An unmaintained roof will invariably lead to outright leakage into your living environment as well. That means even more expensive damage. Furthermore, a leaky roof can attract some unwanted visitors to your home – did you know that bacteria, mold and fungi can begin to appear within 48 hours of a leak?

Generally, roof repair is not a project for the do-it-yourselfer. This is a tough job –especially if you’re having your roof totally redone. We have the experience and know-how to safely get your roof back in tip-top shape.

Worried about the cost? – Don’t be. The cost of doing nothing to your roof far outweighs the cost of repairs. We can also offer you convenient payment plans that will make the process even easier.

In the long run, your roof is what protects you and your family from everything Mother Nature has to offer. It is also the front-line of defence against moisture. Your home deserves the best protection available – so does everything in it. If your roof is telling you it’s time for a face lift, pass the message on to us – we have the expertise and ability to offer you an affordable solution.