New Doors And Windows…

Give your home a breath of fresh air with new windows and doors.

The entry to your home is important. Your doors usually represent a focal point as visitors approach the house. A new front door can really improve your home’s esthetic appeal. Alongside a better appearance, a new door system generally means an increase in energy efficiency. New weather stripping means better insulation – something that is extremely important due to the wild swings in temperature we experience in the Ottawa region.

We can also offer you an abundance of screen door systems and solutions perfectly suited to your home. You will be amazed at how well a properly installed screen door can reduce the amount of time your Air Conditioner runs this summer. Take advantage of those cooler nights that Mother Nature gives us by letting your home breathe! A few hours of fresh, cool air at night is a great way to drop the interior temperature in a home. It is also the most efficient way to increase fresh air flow. Generally, outside air is much cleaner and healthier than the recirculated, stale air found within an enclosed system. If you don’t have air exchangers, new screen doors might just be the way to go.

Need new windows?

Everyone has heard that a new window system is a great way to improve a home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, older windows can require a lot of maintenance. In order to prevent rot, they generally have to be repainted relatively frequently. Over time, they can also warp and become difficult to open. This usually means we just leave them shut and run the A/C. Not only can this be detrimental in terms of efficiency, but it can also pose a serious risk in case of fire. Furthermore, older windows tend to fog up between the panes, blocking natural light and decreasing the enjoyment you can get from watching the world go by.

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